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February 23, 2007

Is Amnesty Being Discussed for Illegal Aliens?

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In this post at polipundit.com I took a number of hits for speaking the voice of reason.  My original comment was as follows:

Illegal immigration is fueled by economic opportunity in the vast majority of cases. The reason that there has been a lack of concentrated effort is because of the benefits that illegal immigration offers to those who take the risk of living unregistered, and because of the profits that are made by a very small few at the top in the business community.

As long as so many economically powerful stakeholders benefit from the inexpensive labor pool provided by illegal immigrants, there will never be a serious motivation for lawmakers to address this issue in a comprehensive manner. Too much money is to be made.

I know that many consider me a RINO, and honestly I don’t care. I call them the way I see them, and am capable of forming individual opinions. I do find it disturbing that so few people as “WHY” the trends in our nation occur, other than to say its because of the liberal media, RINOS, or Dimocrats. The question that people should ask about policy is “Who benefits”.

 This lead to a number of diatribes by my good friends over there.  Among the little tidbits:

Your grandchildren will appreciate your myopia

This spurred a further comment from the gang:

If I recall some tribes did at least try to resist by arms the wave of illegal immigrants into their lands. Had they the technology and numbers they could have prevailed. Our corrupt government and greedy elite are what is preventing us from doing the same. It is a good time for this non-union to disolve, which it will anyway after this invasion changes the language, culture and laws in select states. California should be the first made to leave the union.

My reply was that the people sounded like the “Know Nothings” of the 19th century, and I closed with this, “We are a great nation and will need to find an answer,” and talked about the role of immigrants in our nation’s history.

Well, then the fur really flew.

Phony cliche. The majority of the population are now home grown, not immigrants. We don’t need any more people in this country. Why do you want us to become a turd world country??

We are the dumping grounds of the brave new turd world.Your chidren will be proud of you.We are making the same stupid mistake we made when we brought in slaves from africa,for the same stupid reasons.

 Then the obligatory comments that I was a homosexual came into play:

Jeff won’t be having children, it isn’t possible for he and his “mate”.

Then when I talked about how assimilation “should” occur, and agreed with some of the saner voices speaking, I was hit with more salvos.  Particularly when I talked about the trends of pluralism within our country.  I was tagged with the “L” word.

You sound like the “Know Nothings” of the 19th century and what they said about the Irish.

Later the same was said about Italians and Jews from Eastern Europe.”

You sound like a “Know Nothing” for ANY century.

“The demographic trends that are occurring in the nation do not even consider illegal immigration issues. If no illegal aliens entered the nation the birth rates of African-Americans and Latino-Americans ensure that by 2035 the nation will be a pluralistic society.”

Hello. I say HELLO!!!We will be a pluralistc society by 2035?We are a pluralistic society/nation RIGHT NOW!!!

Not my bold font, but from “Ace” who needs to shout his input.  Of course he demands data and fact, and provides none for his errors with regard to pluralism at this time.

The tone got worse.  Note I was “never” saying that a blanket amnesty is desirable.  I did state that a solution needed to come about, one that would take a good amount of legislation, and would likely leave many unhappy.  It seems that amnesty is gaining traction, and while I am unsure about its desirability, I don’t see this as a cut and dried issue.

What do you say?


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