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February 26, 2007

Where A Voice of Reason Stands:

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draw2.pngThis may be helpful information. 

I scored 23 on a “How Conservative Quiz are you”  http://madrabbit.net/webrabbit/quizshow.html

This puts me in the league of President Bush (41) and Colin Powell  I can live with that.

Where A Voice of Reason Stands


Education Issues:

School Vouchers – supports in some instances

Public Schools – An important American institution, which need reform.

NCLB – Very much in support, but areas need to be redressed. 

Charter Schools – supports if the public schools in an area are underperforming

Multi-Cultural Education – supports within a framework of teaching, but not isolated to a day in a month, a week in a month or a month itself.

Sex Education – opposed

Evolution/Intelligent design – Boards of Education should approve all curriculum

School Prayer in Public School – opposed

Religious Icons in Public School (Kresh, Menorah etc) Opposed to ALL.


Social Issues:

Affirmative Action – opposed to quotas based wholly on race/gender.

Capital Punishment – supports in clearly defined cases of premeditated and/or felony murder, but opposed to execution of those under age 21 at the time of commission of a crime.

Gun Control – believes that local communities have the right to restrict certain weapons and feels that all firearms should be registered.

Reparations for slavery – opposed to cash awards, believes that possible tax incentives or guaranteed loans for college/home ownership should be given to those who can verify they have been adversely effected by slavery.

Socialized medicine – baseline medical coverage for all Americans should be guaranteed by the state. 

Illegal immigration – favors the strict control over the border, and punishment to those who employ illegal immigrants.  Would favor registration and work visas for current illegal immigrants be mandated with review of possible granting of citizenship over a time period.

Racism – present in attitudes of many,  and still is seen in some systemic form.  Believes that most racial issues of minorities are also heavily impacted by other social considerations, notably family relations.

National Defense – We are hawks.

Hate Crime Laws – if current laws are enforce these would not be needed.

Judiciary – supports strict constructionist, and dislikes activist courts.

Media – believes that the mass media has in general a liberal bias.

Patriot Act – Supports this legislation.

Abortion – does not believe that abortion is a federal constitutional right. Believes states should set abortion policies.

When does life begin –  life begins when the organism breathes.

Federalist   Yes, I am.

ANWAR – supports limited drilling

Global Warming – believes that there is rising evidence in support of this theory.

Felons Voting – opposed unless case is overturned.

Gay Marriage – opposed, but unopposed to civil unions and civil rights of homosexuals.

Drugs – The war on drugs has done more to create crime than any other legislation since Prohibition. 

Prostitution – believes states and municipalities can create their own legislation.  Policies have created crime and victims.

Unions – supports workers right to organize.

Flag Burning – opposed to Flag Burning Amendment

Preservation of landmarks – supports efforts to preserve and restore history.

Consumer protections – supports strongly.

Alternate energy – vigorously supports.

Censorship – believes that pornography as defined by the law should not be paid for by the public dollar.

Military draft – opposes unless Congress has declared a state of war, or by act of Congress in view of imminent war.

Political redistricting – supports

Religious Displays on Public Grounds – believes that all are welcome or none. I see statues of The 10 Commandments more on a social rather than religious plane.


Foreign Policy:

Europe – it’s hard to like them.

China – perhaps the most vile political state in the history of man.

Israel – Supportive, but Palestinian issues will need to be addressed.

Saudi Arabia – The Eddie Haskell’s of this planet – energy independence would go a long way in letting us be a fair broker.

Iraq – Supports Congress’ vote to invade. 


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