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February 27, 2007

Arnie Backs McCain

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I was reading this post at Liberatas 01 talking about “The Governator’s” backing of Senator McCain.

Much of the conversation that the Governor and the Senator had was concerning global warming.  This is an issue that some ideologues, of the extreme Right of the GOP will not even admit may be a possibility.  Beyond the known fact that pollution has negative impacts on standards of living should be enough, but some of these clowns honestly believe that any idea which has the tinge of “liberalism” – what’s so liberal about “conserving” our planet, is to be decried. 

Although at this point I am supporting former NYC Mayor Giuliani, I believe that Senator McCain is an important figure not merely because of the boldness he stakes to be his own voice in politics, but also because of the civility his dealings in politics have always embodied.  Senator McCain’s willingness to tackle tough issues head on, and sometimes that means to go to a more Centrist position, make him as well as the former mayor, and the Governor of California, anathema to many of the hard right bend within the GOP.

 The trait that all three of these leaders demonstrate is compassion about people.  Again, it is high time the hard right realize that the perception they give off about the GOP is that it doesn’t care about people.  One can be Conservative socially or fiscally, and understand that there is room for synthesis within the political process.  Another trait that these three share is an ability to form consensus and work across the aisle.  This has been done many times by Senator McCain, and Mr. Giuliani effectively governed one of the most liberal cities in the nation.  Governor Schwarzanager, beyond being married to a Kennedy, and I will confess that seeing Senator Kennedy stand with a Republican as he claimed victory was a thrilling moment for this person who respects all people who offer public service, has taken on both the left and the right in California.  Despite some rocky roads, he has set the state in a good direction, and this is reflected by the level of support he enjoys.

Libertas correctly states, “Any Republican trying to smear these men or to undermine their campaign runs the risk of conceding the race to the Democrats before it’s even underway.”  The time is now for the GOP to be that Big Tent where kow-towing to the “Party line” is not required.  We are the party of Lincoln, and should remember his model.  Lincoln’s cabinet was filled with his most vocal opponents.  He did not want just to hear the words of “Yes men”, but wanted a true dialogue to guide this nation.

 This is a recipe for success, if only reason prevails.  Sadly, there is no guarantee of that ever happening.



  1. I’m pretty conservative and I used to be notably anti-environmentalist. (I only say notably because when I was a singer-songwriter, one of my most requested tunes was a jab at the tree huggers.) I’m now a consistent recycler and everything, but I still think there is room for debate on anthropogenic global warming.

    Comment by Dave — February 28, 2007 @ 12:20 am | Reply

  2. I am not a dyed in the wool environmentalist, remember this is A Voice of Reason, but to deny that pollution is bad, as some of the more extreme Right pontificate, is just unreasonable. There is no worse sin to this blogsite than being unreasonable.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — February 28, 2007 @ 12:50 am | Reply

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