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February 28, 2007

Does 2007 War Debate Sound a Lot Like 1993’s

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Oak Leaf posted two interesting pieces at Polipundit.com

 Oak Leaf is understandably concerned about the increasing pressures put upon the National Guard.

Probably the dissent of GOP lawmakers was 90% making life difficult for then President Clinton and 10% other factors.

Probably the dissent of Democrats today is 99% making life difficult for the President and appealing to their own base.

The comment about Oak being upset about the NG being overtaxed is relevant, and does show a glaring weakness in the laudable goal of an all volunteer military – spoken from one who gladly volunteered. These numbers are startling:
WWII 12% of the population involved in the military
Korea Information not available
Vietnam 2% of the population involved in the military
Iraq/Afghanistan 0.5% of the population involved.

Population growth aside, these numbers are noteworthy.

To replies that the regular military forces need to be enlarged, the question is “How”. At the current time re-enlistment bonuses and other benefits are high, but obviously many are not viewing – understandably – as being worth the risk.

Is a renewal of conscription the only viable option to the cries of increasing the size of the military?

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