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March 30, 2007

GOP Lawmakers Call in Expert to Testify About Pardons

The National Journal reports that the expert being called in is former President Clinton.  GOP lawmakers are hoping to use the criteria to open the door for a pardon of Scooter Libby.

A letter of invitation was sent to the former President stating that “”You are no stranger to controversial pardons, most notably the pardon of Marc Rich on your last day in office,” Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, no friend of the former president, wrote pointedly in a letter dated Monday. “I can think of no better person than you to speak on this issue.” Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Smith noted that Clinton had extensive “experience with exercising the pardon authority and defending it from intrusion by Congress.”

If this comes about, it may actually make having C-Span2 worthwhile.


UN Puts its Foot Down in Iran – UK Controversy

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AP released this a while ago.

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council expressed “grave concern” Thursday over Iran’s seizure of 15 British sailors and marines and called for an early resolution of the escalating dispute, but Iran’s chief international negotiator suggested the captives might be put on trial.

Wow.  I bet the Iranians are really frightened.  They will now keep the hostages for at least double what they had intended to, now that Moe, Larry and Curly, err, the UN has voiced in.  In all the history of mankind has there ever been a more pathetic organization?  Maybe the UN will bring out the big threat, of SANCTIONS. 

Quote of the Day

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I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.

Vincent Van Gogh

Iraq: Why Neither Side Can Afford to Compromise

As the Senate edged closer to a showdown in Iraq with a 51-47 vote along party lines calling for a withdrawl of combat troops within one year, it appears that the lines are hardening, and neither side will be able to give ground to forge a compromise.  Sen. Byrd, D-WVA, commented, Setting a goal for getting most of our troops out of Iraq is not — not, not — cutting and running”.  What it is he failed to say, so I guess it can be called a strategic get the heck out of dodge.  At least that sounds better.

To sweeten the deal, Democrats added pork galore, but it all seems that it will end in a Presidential veto, which neither chamber will be able to find the votes to overide.  Even though both sides are talking the lingo about the need to compromise to forge meaningful legislation, there is great pressue on both sides to  hold the line, which will bring about a highly publicized and highly criticized veto.  With the Democrats there is too much pressure from their base to back down, and it is likely that the next tactic after the sure to come veto of the bill, will be to bog down funding, although not cut it off complete.  This may result in severe disruption to unit replacement, training and vital supplies.

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Reid stated that Iraq was not worth another drop of US blood.  However, the Congressional counterinsurgency to the certain Bush veto will in fact keep the troops in the area, but hamper the units present ability to fight.  As stated often in this blog, the two-step of Congress continues, but now the tune that is accompanying the dance may have disastrous effects upon units which had recently been enjoying pockets of success in the recent surge.   Rep. Murtha, who has vehemently opposed the Administration’s policies in Iraq has hinted calling for monthlong spending bills, which will keep this political pot at a rather high boil throughout the remainder of the administration, and keep the political football, which Iraq has become, punted from the Congress to the Administration.

The only problem may be if one side fumbles the ball, who will recover?  The Administration, The Congress or the insurgents?

March 29, 2007

Quote of the Day

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It is a strange fact that freedom and equality, the two basic ideas of democracy, are to some extent contradictory. Logically considered, freedom and equality are mutually exclusive, just as society and the individual are mutually exclusive.

Thomas Mann

A Momentary Lapse of Reason: In Praise of Isolationism

I’m not sure if this should be categorized under the “Momentary Lapse of Reason” section, but we’ll see.

I have a new vision of America – not of one spreading democracy throughout the world – not of one that gives a rat’s rearend about the problems of Darfour, Baghdad, Rwanda, Somalia or anywhere else outside the Western Hemisphere.

To those in Europe who are having problems with Jihadism creeping into their borders, well it’s your problem, not ours. UK, it’s been a good relationship. Ever since that War of Independence and War of 1812 thing, you’ve been about our best friends, but all things must end. France, thanks for the help in the Revolution and for the statue. We’ve paid it back in spades two times. So, you can take your superior attitude, cuisine – we got most of your good recipes now – and your wine since what we grow is as good, and everything else you possess, including your sanctimonious attitude and be left alone. You won’t have us to kick around anymore, or to bail you out when your friendly German neighbors start acting – well – German. Russia, hey, it’s been nice to be all pal like with you, but in honesty, it was a bit less complicated, albeit scarier when we didn’t like you. Historically, you’re a a backwards people, hate to break the news to you, have always been a backwards people, and other than your vodka, and well 0kay, some of your women are babes – we won’t miss dealing with you that much. You and China can duke it out if you wish. So, Europe, here’s the new US foreign policy to you, F*** you.

To Africa – we’re truly sorry about the spread of the AIDS virus, and what it is doing to your continent, but alas, you are also on your own. No, we’re not going to be moved by some video from a cable news show depicting how bad life is for you all down there. Honestly, we don’t care. We have our own crap to deal with, and a lot of money that we’re spending on your health care issues, we could be spending on our own people, and developing our own cures, which we’ll keep to ourselves. We really don’t need anymore people selling ripoffs of $10000 handbags in Times Square, so stop queing up to come on in. We don’t need you, and we don’t feel sorry for you. So, Africa, and we’ll send this in a special delivery memo to our buddy in the UN Koffi; this is the new US policy to Africa, F*** You.

Asia – China you’re doing great, and we’re going to cede you economic domination of this region. It’s really what you wanted. Taiwan, Korea, F*** You. Sorry that you have about 1.4 billion people with a government that has a slightly negative attitude about your existence, but you see, it’s really not our problem. Hey, we’ve propped up your economies long enough, and we can use good ole US ingenuity to make the stuff you make and figure out a way to make it cheap while providing labor with a decent age. One word of advice, you have the nukes, use em. India – we may make an exception for you if you send us a LOT of your women, because, Indian woman are just plain sexy, and well American women are a bit too complicated now that the ERA may pass again, so how about we make an exception just for you, that in exhcange for one million women – aged 18 to 25 – we keep sending you cheap laptops so your kids can run our kids into the educational dirt in say the next 20 to 30 years. Deal? Good! Oh, and if you can’t read between the lines, this is our message to you who live in Asia, F*** You.

To that wonderful region known as the Middle East – Thanks for the oil, we’ll figure out a way to fuel our own cars and heat our own homes, but you’re all on your own, including Israel. Nothing personal, but your problems, are just that, your problems. Iran, you got away with it with us in 79, and you know what, you win. Hell, do what you want to do in your region. Of course Israel will make sure that mushroom clouds are appearing in the suburbs of Tehran, sooner or later, Hey, once you are almost annhilated as a race not once, but twice if you count the Diaspora, you get a little touchy about those who question your right to exist. However, for now, you are the boss man of da’ Middle East. Because another big F you goes to Iraq. We’re really sorry about all the confusion we caused when we removed Big Daddy Sadaam from you, but we have no doubt that once we pull out the stakes from our pup tents, you’ll manage to find an even worse SOB (maybe SOC for camel would be a better term) to make your wonderfully enlightened and peace loving population have a new boot permanently implanted about your neck. To the Kurds, well, sometimes life just plain sucks, so you’re on your own, and best of luck to you, honest. Which brings us to Israel. We respect you, and we wish you well and good luck. You’re gonna need it, but we’re sorry, cause no more Uncle Samuel to be a big cop lurking in the background. Think of the bright side, God is on your side. So, good night good luck and God bless. Mazeltov! So Middle East, we unveil our new foreign policy towards you, it is a new salute, middle finger approriately raised aloft, as we say in unity, F*** You.

Which now brings us to our own little hemisphere. Canada, our friendly neighbor to the North. You really are kind of like a cousin, one that you like, but think is kind of strange, yeah , we know you feel the same. Well, we’re going to have a BIG job for us to work on cooperatively. It’s called a wall. You see, we really don’t need you, and like relatives, you kind of piss us off, and that wears thin on the relationship. It’s nice to see you around the holidays in short doses. So, a nice big wall will do nicely, and we’ll have the Alaskan version to work on to. Your sanctimonious attitude towards our health care program, or lack of one, will be fixed. We’re gonna be saving a lot of money by not dabbling in other people’s business, and besides, your hockey teams are usually better than ours, so you can have the CHL and we’ll have the AHL. We’ll still send you Christmas cards, okay.

Mexico, yes we know you like us so much you are just pouring in. Sadly, the southern version of the 21st Century Great Wall will keep you on your side and us on our side. We don’t need your goods to fill our dollar stores, because we deported all the illegals from the Middle East that own them. Come to think of it, paying $2.99 for a box of Fruit Loops while it is more expensive than paying $1 for Juan’s Fruity Luepos is a small price to compensate for the megabucks we end up spending on those who scamper across our borders everyday. So, hosta la vista, and we “are” truly sorry for that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California controversy, but be big about it and let bygones be bygones, and oh, F*** you.

Of course this is all silly. I mean what would our idiots on parade have to protest about. Oh, it would be about the calloused lack of sympathy of the evil and greedy Americans, who “care so little about the rest of the world” (you must pronounce your “L” and “R’s” as “W’s” there, not that the idiots like “W” that much, but it does sound so much like the Elmer Fudd babel they typically produce). Well, don’t worry idiots, we’re going to send you to the country you protested in favor for the most. So, if you wanted to cry (please  remember the “W” rule, it’s still in effect) for the poor Mexicans, don’t feel too bad, say “hola” to your new home. Now, just fill in the blank for the bastion of decency you wish to emigrate to. You’ll be happy, we’ll certainly be happy, and I”m sure your new neighbors will just adore you. And, Oh, we didn’t want to leave you, of all people out, so, F*** you.

Of course this new isolationisms policy of F*** you will also apply to our new domestic policy. We do like to be consistent.

So, if you are in the middle of Cowdung Arkansas and need a billion here or there for some soybean hybrid experiment, F*** you.

If you are applying for “artistic grant money” so you can put an American flag, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution and cover it with smearings of dung from some crack heads and heroin junkies who suffer the opression of a cruel system and thus offer their valid protest. Your grant will be returned with this on the heading: F*** You.

To those who want some extra money spend on Social Security so Grandma can have both her medicine and her grocery bags filled with the finest cat and dog food, well…. F*** You.

Ahh, this is just the start of it. Wouldn’t Isolationism be grand?

I guess this was a momentary lapse of reason.

March 28, 2007

British Sailor Dons Headscarf, Makes Statement

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Blomberg News carried this story.

A female U.K. sailor who was among a group of Britons seized by Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf was shown on Iranian television today.

Faye Turney, 26, wearing a black headscarf and smoking a cigarette, said her group had “obviously trespassed” into Iranian waters before their capture on March 23. The Iranians had been “friendly and hospitable,” she said.

British Officials insist the sailors were in Iraqi waters, and objected to the airing of their naval personnel on television.

Comment: Since the first round of diplomacy has obviously not worked, more intense diplomacy will likely be needed!

Giullians Makes Pitch to the Right – Endorsed by Forbes

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In an effort to shore up support on his vulnerable right flank, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been purchasing air time on Conservative talk-radio shows, including two of the prized plums, the shows of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  While “His Honor” continues to do well in national polls – Rasmussen gives him a 20% edge over Sen. McCain, 24% over former Spaker Gingrich, and 27% over Former Gov. Romney – many in the base of the GOP look at the mayoral record which featured soft positions on gun control, support of gay rights, and abortion rights.

The ads do not address these  issues, but focus on Giuliani’s leadership capabilities and his optimistic view of the future.  Also featured is his committment to remaining strategically on the offensive in the WOT, a commitment to reduced government spending to keep the economy going.

Speaking of the economy, the fiscally Conservative Stephen Forbes, chief executive of Forbes magazine, and himself a former Presidential nominee, endorsed the former mayor today.  “He is the man who can lead America in a world that is uncertain, fight the forces of evil and at the same time increase economic opportunity here at home,” Forbes told a press conference.

All in all, a good day for America’s Mayor, although an endorsement from Focus on the Family is not likley to be forthcoming!

James Dobson Fires Broadside on Fred Thompson

In an interview for US News & World report, Dr. James Dobson, Evangelical leader, and founder of Focus on the Family stated doubts about the former Senator’s Christianity.

“Everyone knows he’s conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for,” Dobson – considered the most politically powerful evangelical figure in the U.S. – said in a phone call to Dan Gilgoff, senior editor at U.S. News & World Report.

“[But] I don’t think he’s a Christian. At least that’s my impression.”

Thompson, spokesman,  Mark Corallo,  came out strongly against the statement, replying, “Thompson is indeed a Christian,” he said. “He was baptized into the Church of Christ.”

The Focus on the Family organization quickly qualified Dr. Dobson’s statement, stating that his words were meant to qualify Thompson’s status as an Evangelical.  Dobson had also added that everyone knows that the former Senator is a Conservative, and holds positions that are consistent with the pro-family organization.  Dobson’s endorsement of President Bush in 2004 may have influenced up to six million new evangelicals to vote in that election.  This of course makes his endorsement desirable for any candidate seeking a national office.   Up to this point Dr. Dobson has not endorsed any candidate, but has spoken favoroably of former Spaker Newt Gingrich.

Quote of the Day – Take our Poll – Who was he talking about??

Boys as sharp as a bowling ball.

Foghorn Leghorn

Now you get to vote!

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