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March 2, 2007

Ronny The Rino Part I

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This semi-regular segment will portray what made President Reagan one of the most important, and greatest LEADERS of our nation.  He was Conservative, but also Compassionate and at times, a downright RINO!

Reagan had the good sense and compassion to see illegal immigrants not as criminals but as human beings striving to build better lives through honest work. In a radio address in 1977, he noted that apples were rotting on trees in New England because no Americans were willing to pick them. “It makes one wonder about the illegal alien fuss. Are great numbers of our unemployed really victims of the illegal alien invasion or are those illegal tourists actually doing work our own people won’t do?” Reagan asked. “One thing is certain in this hungry world; no regulation or law should be allowed if it results in crops rotting in the fields for lack of harvesters.”

The Neo Cons would spit at him today and lable him a traitor.  PFFT to the hard right.


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  1. I hate to comment on my own thread, but if anyone reads this, please follow the thread that inspired this post from polipundit.


    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 2, 2007 @ 6:30 am | Reply

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