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March 2, 2007

Rudy Runs Right, but Appoints Left

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So says Michael Sparxx, a contributor at Polipundit.com who wrote about Mr. Mayor’s judicial appointments commenting on an article from Politico.com

While Rudy did nominate a few judges that are rather liberal, what he, and the article from Politico failed to mention was that in NYC a mayor does not appoint who he wants to the City Council for approval or to the bench.  It is opposite of the Presidential role, in that the City Council promotes a short list of candidates for the mayor to approve.  What slate of judges do you think that the NYC City Council presented to Rudy?  Do you think they gave him the options of a Justice Scalia, Roberts, Alito?  No, as a matter of fact, the choices His Honor was left to pick from ran to the left of Justices Souter, Bryer and Ginsburg.

My comments, along with a likely futile appeal for remembering The Big Tent are posted below.

How’d the “Big Tent” get so small?

In the same way that the Democratic Party minimalized those few Centrists that ran afoul of the mainstream far Left agenda, the GOP is in danger of minimalizing the Centrists that are in that party by part of the party that are towards the far Right.

Rudy is Conservative on taxes and defense issues. He is also very Law and Order. Running NYC is not running a nation. He had to run as a Centrist to Moderate Liberal and govern as a Centrist/Liberal to be effective. Obviously, he is shifting a bit to the right to try and obtain the nod for the Presidency and would likely govern as a Centrist/Conservative if elected.

You have to win to govern.

Many here like to blame the “RINO’s” for losing the House and Senate in 06′, when the issue was IRAQ with the ridiculous behavior of the Hastert House.

Oh, I forgot, the House fall was due to Rep. Foley, another wicked RINO. Or was it really due to the decision of the whole House to hush it up.

I don’t feel Conservative voices should be marginalized in the Party, and certainly not on this blog as it is for Conservative voices. All that the 20% to 30% of the people who have for their whole voting life voted and campaigned for GOP candidates ask is that the Big Tent still remain that way, and the the GOP be a Party of ideas, not ideologues. Again, I know this is a “Conservative” blog and not a GOP blog, but we kind of need each other unless you want a repeat of ‘92 and ‘96.

Out of our own self interest, let’s debate the issues without melodrama or rancor, and then unite behind the candidate that best expresses a reasonable chance for the shared aspects that link all Republicans together.

If the idea of the Big Tent is not desirable for those who want “party purity” remember what Barry Goldwater said about some of the “New Right’s” positions and tactics. I assume you all heard of Barry? The “Father” of modern Conservatism.

Oh, I forgot…he was a turncoat too, according to the “true believers”.


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