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March 7, 2007

Illegal Immigration – Putting Reason Into the Madness

Well it is now time to take on a serious issue, and one that the politicians are in the humble opinion of this blogger using as a new football and litmus test, and throwing sense and solutions out the window.  Something has to be done about the flood of illegal aliens that are daily crossing our border.  A comprehensive plan that is sensitive to the needs of the nation, local communities, and yes, to make sure that exploitation of the people already here does not needlessly occur must transpire.

Priorities in a Reasonable Policy:

1 – The borders must be secured by any legal means, and that means as secure as the proverbial tick on a dogs butt. 

2 – Something must be done with the ten million illegals who are already in the states, and the Presidents compromise of working visas is not going to cut it.  Sometimes compromise is good, but this one served only one constituency group – more on that later.  While some may want for all of them to be tossed back over the river, take a deep breath and realize, that isn’t going to happen.  There would be a backlash, and in the long run this would be inefficient.

3 – Those illegals that do prove to be a threat to national security can either be deported or enjoy a stay in an appropriate prison for any crimes they may have committed, and then be deported. 

This issue needs to become the focus of a reasonable debate, and not the subject of the extremes.  However, the first priority must be enforcement of the border.  No means should be left out of the discussion, up to and including the use of armed military patrols.  No matter how much empathy one may feel, and no one who has read this blog will accuse me of being a hard hearted person, these people are in violation of our laws.  This is not a situation that Mexico, although not where I would want to live, is a nation going through crisis such as Rwanda in the 90’s or Darfour today.  Mexico has a reasonably stable economy, and while not the patron saint of human rights, is a democracy.  There are better candidates for the empathy immigration  plank.  No matter what, nothing positive can ever happen with this problem until the bleeding stops.

The next step would be rigid and even somewhat draconian enforcement of a policy to identify those people who illegaly reside within our borders.  There is no violation of civil liberties here, as these people are in reality persona non gratis, and are not subject to Constitutional protection, other than children who have been born in this nation.  Investigation of these people needs to root out how they were whisked across the border, and who employed them.  This would be the first step into some type of amnesty for these people.  Again, there is no way that John and Jane Q. Public are going to watch countless hours of CNN, MSNBC, and FOX cameras watch the “Trail of Tears” across detention centers where a bus drops these people off over the border.  It will be time to take a big bite of a crummy tasting sandwich and get it over with. 

Of course legal remedies would need to be applied and not soft sold, but applied to the full extent of the law on those people and entities which profitted from the hiring of these people.  A nice punitive tax should be put on those who would give comfort to those who break Federal laws.  There will be a burden initially put on society by these people, who will likely find their way into the social welafare system, and the brunt of it can be paid by the fatcats, who got a lot fatter, on the people’s dime.  Rest assured, it is most likely these same fatcats who are benefitting the most from the flood of illegals into our country.  What do they care?  The change of America from a capitalist system to a corporist system is well documented, and at some point it really will have to be the people who realize that corporate interests are not typically the same as that of the citizenry where they happen to reside.  Are business interests vital to the well being of our economy and the nation, certainly, should they be subject to law, a resounding yes must come forth from the people on this issue.  I’m sure some will villify this view, but ask yourself why should a normal citizen take it on the chin so someone else can laugh all the way to the bank.  The history of corporate double dealings is well documented, and their disregard for the best interestes of the United States predates Coca Cola’s marketing plans to be successful in Nazi Germany.  Corporate interests are monetary, and not always aligned to national interests.

All sharetakers of our Republic have a part to play.  Politicians need to do their job and make sound policy that is effective and deals with causes, rather than posturing for CNN.  The Presidential Primaries are a good ground for this issue.  The one who gets my vote in the long run will be the one who puts forth sound and sane overall policy, and not just a knee jerk reaction to one single issue.

In the short term illegal aliens if naturalized, and again, the pipe dream of massive deportation, even if it is by the book justice isn’t going to happen, and candidly I don’t know if it should.  While this subset of the population will put a great burden on some of the social network, particularly upon education interests, in the long term the benefits will outweigh the short term investment. 

Now, let the fun begin, but remember, be reasonable.



  1. I agree with alot of what you are saying here.
    The most important part of immigration reform is to secure the borders. I am in favor of militarizing the border if necessary.
    I can’t stand the term “they are doing the jobs Americans won’t do”. Americans will do any job to make a living if they have to. The problem is many Americans would rather live of the government than do some of the more menial jobs. That’s why I believe that welfare needs serious reform. If you make it harder for people to be eligible for welfare they will have to go to work. When Americans take these jobs it leaves fewer for the illegals. Many of them will go home on their on then.
    You also have illegals that come here to live on welfare, if they can’t do that they may go home also.
    I do not believe they should be offered amnesty for breaking the law to get here, you would be rewarding bad behavior. While mass deportation may not be feasible, if they are caught commiting a crime they should be deported. The catch and release program should be ended as the illegals will not show up for their court date.

    Comment by mpinkeyes — March 8, 2007 @ 2:39 am | Reply

  2. I think the first step that needs to be taken is for the media and the bleeding hearts to stop glamorizing the problem and especially stop making us (i.e American Citizens) feel like we’re the bad guys because we want to see our borders reestblished and secured. The local news coverage around here does nothing but paint these people like they are victims of Americans and how we should do everything we can to help them. Fankly, it makes me sick.. But regardless, if anything is to be done, the first step is going to have to be gaining the support back from all those soft hearted people out there who believe all they hear from the media. Otherwise we’re going to have to fight the image of the bad guy, which is never an easy task.

    Comment by arclightzero — March 9, 2007 @ 2:34 am | Reply

  3. I think one voice in the media that may be worth listening to is Lou Dobbs. I’ve been reading some of his points,and they are well taken.

    The first step must be strong security at the border and to stop the bleeding.

    Then, something can be worked out, and probably a compromise of some sort with the 10 to 12 million illegals here.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 9, 2007 @ 5:39 am | Reply

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