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March 8, 2007

States go after smoking in vehicles with kids

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This was already signed into law in Arkansas by Gov. Huckabee, and is on the books in Louisianna.  Several counties in Maine have this law, and Connecticutt, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont are considering similar legislation.    Further news about this development can be read at Stateline.org.

I was using this today in a Social Studies lesson with a political cartoon.  Sadly, I can’t find it.  A man is wondering about ways to help his family while puffing away.  His kids are reacting in the back.

Part of me can see the sense in this bill.  Smoking is bad for you, and kids are important.  They also don’t typically have a choice when you take them to the ball game or to school on how they get there.  However, this may be a slippery slope.  A car is private property, and smoking is a legal activity.  At what point can government intrusion be acceptable, even if it does reap a real benefit to another.  Could this law be used to forbid smoking in private residences?  Could it lead to censorship of music, television – of course the ACLU will want to make sure that child-porn is exempt – I kid.

Not a black and white issue.  Kind of grey and smoky.



  1. Haha… quite interesting.

    Comment by entersandman — March 8, 2007 @ 2:37 am | Reply

  2. lol – Yes – the ACLU needs its porn…gotta love it. My grandma used to smoke like there was no tomorrow. She still smokes. She is in her 80s, and pretty lively. Does smoking really kill you? Perhaps. In all fairness, it is a slippery slope. Should the government stop me from eating junk food? What about requiring me to exercise? We have so many addictions that it could get pretty interesting.


    Comment by E. I. Sanchez — March 8, 2007 @ 3:58 am | Reply

  3. Somehow, I can’t get upset about rules against smoking. Yes, it’s a slippery slope. But at some point, I think you have to have exceptions to the rule. The idea of laws dictating my private life really bother me, but some laws I understand. I can’t pull out my gun and shoot my kids, so I guess smoking in front with them in the car can be restricted too.

    Comment by Randy Barnett — March 8, 2007 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

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