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March 14, 2007

Memories of Rudy – Booting Out Arafat

If you don’t think terrorists are concerned about the prospect of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as President, read about the time he booted Mr. Arafat out of the NY Philharmonic.

 What did the Clinton Administration say about his act?

“A spokesman for the Clinton administration, which had done so much to build up Arafat’s reputation as a statesman, termed Giuliani’s action “an embarrassment to everyone associated with diplomacy.”

To which His Honor had a reply:

“I would not invite Yasser Arafat to anything, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I don’t forget.”

Be sure not to forget this incident.  Although those who have not a sane thought about national security may hysterically wring their hands and say, how can he do this, sane people understand an act of reason.  There is no reason with Terrorists.



  1. A few minutes ago I responded to your comment at Blog @ MoreWhat.com. You are invited to read it and respond. We have a policy at our blog. We place blogs on our Honor Roll if we have received meaningful comments from someone representing that blog. For you meaningful comments your blog was added. You are the fourth. Thanks for stopping by.

    Comment by Stanford Matthews — March 14, 2007 @ 7:05 am | Reply

  2. I like Rudy even more now! Great post, thanks.

    Comment by totaltransformation — March 14, 2007 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

  3. I had forgotten about this. I like politicians who stand up to terrorist, especially when the terrorists is pretending to be a good guy. Arafat was such a two faced, lying, piece of terrorist crap.

    Comment by Debbie — March 14, 2007 @ 2:39 pm | Reply

  4. Hi there!..I met Rudy several times here in NYC..this past year at the Ground Zero Memorial being the last time…what a great post..I hadn’t heard this story!..Please feel free to drop by at my humble abode again~!..:)

    Comment by Angel — March 14, 2007 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

  5. The man does certainly have something that none of the other candidates, with the possible exception of Mike Huckabee, have. It’s spine and backbone. If it comes down to him and McCain or Romney, I am definitely for Guliani.

    Comment by thelonedrifter — March 14, 2007 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

  6. Stanford:
    Thanks for the kudos, and congratulations on a great blog of your own. I look forward to many chances to enjoy a healthy dialogue!

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 14, 2007 @ 8:33 pm | Reply

  7. Your story reminds me of the one about Arafat tapping his toes and biding his time in the White House Rose Garden, while Bill and Monica rendezvous’d. Talk about a “diplomatic embarrassment”! Do you remember that one? I think it was true.

    I like the “I don’t forget” attitude. This country desperately needs it. Thanks for coming by my place. I’ve had computer problems and am struggling to catch up with all the great reading. I’m leaving a message for you there.

    Maggie’s Notebook

    Comment by Maggie M. Thornton — March 14, 2007 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

  8. Debbie –
    That is the problem with much of our leadership and its policies – two facedness. Clearly our nation needs to along with continue to remember that these people wish our civilization’s destruction, that combined with that are sane and security concious policies towards internal security, energy and cooperation.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 14, 2007 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

  9. TotalTransformation –
    Sometimes rough around the edges and stand in the face has a place. His actions reminded me of another pretty straight shooter with regard to who the good guys were and the bad guys, Teddy Roosevelt, probably one our greatest Presidents.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 14, 2007 @ 8:54 pm | Reply

  10. Maggie – I like the website, very “snarky” which I am informed is a good thing!

    It is a good thing to remember what people are like. Personally, many of the characters that we deal with are the Eddie Haskells of the world, and we’d be better off positioning ourselves to not have to rely on them, particularly for energy needs.

    I”ll be sure to stop by and ask you do likewise!

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 14, 2007 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

  11. TLD – This incident needs to be broadcast. I think my views about social issues is well known, and while I am not as socially conservative as some, I am certainly not a libertine. However, the security of our nation, and having someone who will stand up to these people, and has shown it PRE 9-11 shows a great deal about the way a person judges a character.

    Hey, I like most of the GOP candidates and to a lesser degree can understand where the Democratic candidates are coming from, but on a personal framework and an understanding of what entails security, I have to give the nod to Rudy.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 14, 2007 @ 9:00 pm | Reply

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