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March 14, 2007

Quote of the day

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Works well when under constant supervision and trapped like a rat.

Job Performance rating of a Federal employee.


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  1. Manage recession do not hive off people
    Let us say u r a corporate/organisation and going to retrench people today or in immediate future.

    Here is a way to save job/life of many people

    1.Assume u r going to hive off 100 employees today which u think willl result in to cost saving for the organisation of certain amount.

    2. Call all the 100 person tell them the truth and offer them 50% salary cut and 50% variable annual performance bonus if they are ready to change their KRA and ready to commit more revenue then currnet one.

    3. In such case retain 50 best employees out retrenchment of 100 choosen.One can apply various tools even in retaining the 50 like their past history, past achievement track record, behaviour,ability to deliver in crisis. One can set a revised KRA/goals for such excersize.

    4. I think such approach can save life of many plus both organisation and employees will go for better performance,better revenue and will innovate a lot. I think this is a win win situation rather then mass job cuts to cut cost.

    I would like the decision makers to comment and will be happy atleast those who implement the above can post their comment rather then they cut jobs.

    There are even something for those who have lost job recently. They in their CV/Bio-data can indicate that they are ready to work for 50% of their earlier pay package(last package drawn by them) and ready to get balance 50% by variable pay as performance bonus. Those who have been performance oriented and likes challance will certainly be successful during this recession period. and your chances of getting a new job is much higher then others.

    Comment by hari64 — November 6, 2008 @ 11:55 am | Reply

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