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March 15, 2007

The $1000 Pizza – A Slice of America?

While waiting in the doctor’s office, I’m fine, thank you for the thought, I came across this article which has also been picked up by FOX News.  The article was brought to my attention by another patient who was exiting, and she “Had to find out where this was”.  I shook my head as I read about the pizza that does indeed cost $1000, or about $125 a slice, and pondered what type of a person would pay this much for a snack food, even if it has caviar and lobster as toppings.  As I pondered I became angrier.

Considering that the average working man arguably makes $1000 a week for a week’s of hard labor, I then began doing the math in my head.  Hey, doctor’s offices are boring, and you need something to do.  Okay, 1000/8 = $125 a slice, or about $10 to $15 a bite.  By this time that part of me that finds a bit of empathy towards Sen. Edwards message about “Two America’s” was on DEFCON 1 status – a state that the aforementioned Senator would never reach.

Reading further, I didn’t find the sense of outrage, that I in my rational Centrist, don’t like it when the little guy is screwed, mentality was conjuring from the tale of excess.  It made me more contemplative, and a bit relieved that I had the premier blog post of the evening taken care of for one more day.  I found that most of the people were a bit amused, and actually praised the “creamy and slightly different taste” of this specialty pie.  I would not be shocked if many of you see a humorous side to this anecdotal “slice” – full pun intended – of modern American life, because it shows the ugly underbelly of a lifestyle that is based in many ways in narcissim.  You see, this story of excess, when I consider what the vast majority of citizens, plain old people like you and me have to go through to “waste” $1,000, a rather sad tale, and not humorous at all.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am solidly middle class, with five kids.  I’m not starving here, but I don’t have the means to pay for a vacation – ever – as an adult.  I work hard too.  I am an educator, but I also have supplemented my income with teaching summer school every year for as long as I can remember, coaching, officiating sports.  My wife also works as a professional.  She puts in about 50 to 60 hours per week in corporate America, and would be able to buy one of those pies in a week.  Something is wrong here, my friends.

Oh, I know some of you who are a bit more to the right than A voice of reason, are starting to think that I am some sort of pinko communist who wants to play Robin Hood with your money.  Well, if you think that buying a $1,000 pizza is a good idea, you’re probably right.  You have far more money than you will ever need.  However, if you are not inclined to indulge in this type of excess, which would likely make Nero or Caligula feel a bit of a stoic, and you still feel this way, I actually feel sorry for you, because you have been duped by those who can easily afford $125 a slice pizzas.  Trust me, my misguided friend, those people aren’t on your side, never have been and never will be.

I also see this “slice” – pun fully intended – of American culture more indicative of a lack of morality than any relaxing of gays in the military, the most strident support of same sex marriage, abortion on demand, and reasonable debates about the war on terror and all its fallout issues (Iraq).  You see, even though I have feelings about those issues, I find a place for reasonable people to see the point of the other side, but to endorse the hedonism of practices demonstrated by people who can be so callous that they  tell every middle class, working class, and poor people, go pee up a rope, with every expensive mouthful.  I find these people’s version of morality offensive, and feel that I am in pretty good company when I do so.  For those of a Christian bent, of which I myself am one, did Christ issue denunciations about lifestyle choices (even sinful ones if you must press the issue) or about unfettered greed, materialism, the corruption of unadulterated lust for wealth and the power which accompanies such wealth?  You know the answer, and you don’t need to be a theologian to have this voice of reason.  It is written in the hearts, as was spoken by Aristotle, and is called Natural Law.

This “slice” of American life show the truth about the disparity of life for those of extreme wealth and power, and of that enjoyed by you me and 99% of the other Americans who live better than the vast majority of those breathing in the planet.  So, next time you are upset about the minimum wage going up a few bucks an hour, so some person can splurge to pay for a $10 pizza pie,  the next time you hear someone who is cut from the same cloth, as this example of narcistic excess, moan and whine about how “Unions are ruining America”, remember it’s the stiff working in the factories that makes the cars you drive, teaches in the schools your kids go to school, and nurses at the hospitals where you are healed, and whose kids end up fighting for our country in Iraq, consider who is eating that pie, and who ends up eating the result of the digestive process.

The next time you hear about someone eating a $1000 pizza pie, hope he chokes on it.  You, me, and 99% of the country are better off with those type of people resting in peace, and seeing if the statement about it being easy to be wealthy and end up in heaven are true.  Odds are, he is next to that fool who thought he’d be welcomed by 72 virgins, and I doubt that is heaven.



  1. I agree with everything except “average working man arguably makes $1000 a week for a week’s of hard labor” I’m too lazy to google what the actual average working person gets, but I know many who work for our company as perma-temp professionals are still only getting about $520 a week – before taxes. However the point is moot on the actual dollar amount when it’s compared to the arrogance and stupidity of someone who would see nothing wrong in a $125 slice of pizza.

    Comment by Just Passing By — March 15, 2007 @ 10:52 pm | Reply

  2. http://www.womanhonorthyself.com/

    For a different spin, but still good “food for thought”

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 15, 2007 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

  3. Heh..hey thanks for the mention…how come no one offered to buy me a slice huh?..lol 🙂

    Comment by Angel — March 16, 2007 @ 3:41 am | Reply

  4. As much as I like you Angel, and moreso everyday, I don’t have that kind of money!

    Comment by avoiceofreason — March 16, 2007 @ 4:35 am | Reply

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