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April 2, 2007

Iran Stops Video of UK Sailors

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Full Story from the LA Times

State-controlled television said today it would suspend broadcasting footage of British sailors confessing to crossing Iranian territorial waters because the government here had detected a change in “stance” by London.

The television station, which aired new footage of the 15 captured military personnel, did not provide further details. State radio said all 15 had confessed to entering Iranian waters.

“It seems that Britain has shifted a little bit from its stance in the last one or two days over the undeniable facts and from some of its clamor,” said the announcer, according to a Reuters translation. “If this path continues, one can hope that the issue would be resolved in a bilateral process and faraway from fuss and clamor and with achieving Iran’s logical demands.”

This is called spin control.  Mounting international pressure has forced the renegade state from using these prisoners, who were simply hijacked, from becoming daily spots of press conferences.  While one can question the reasons why these sailors have made statements for the cameras, which will not likely be investigated if they are released.  All of these actions may have more of a rally the home-folk as the events have done much of course to let the Iranians have national pride in being a state that resorts to terror tactics at the time of the Persian New Year.  Ideally, the UK would give some real fireworks to the Iranian people, who eventually are responsible for the actions of their government, and remind terrorists, whether working solely or under the guise of governmental authority that states are responsible for their actions.  However, the terrorists know the Western democracies well, that they are “paper tigers” without the stomach to engage in actions which risk casulaties or collateral damage of humans.

This knowledge of the weakness of people who emulate some form of compassion has been taken advantage of by the governments of the Middle East for the past 30 years.  At some point there will be a time that this may backfire.  While this view is not endorsed by me, there will be a nation or leader who believes that sometimes an “out of proportion reaction” sends a message that won’t be forgotten.  If the Middle East wants a Jihad against the West it is high time we give them what they wanted, and make the region a sea of glass.   Perhaps a reasonable compromise would be a massive bombing effort on the oil fields of Iran, to let them understand that the West values its sovereignity more than the oil that allows Iran to continue as a rogue nation.  Maybe it will also help global warming, and kill two birds with one stone.  We will never have these people like us, but at least if they fear us we can broker a relationship forged on fear, which in the end is better than being a patsy to a bully that in reality is a 98 pound weakling.


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