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April 2, 2007

Tommy Thompson Puts Hat Into the GOP Ring

Former Gov. of Wisconsin, and Health and Human Services Director, Tommy Thompson announced his candidacy for seeking the GOP nomination for the Presidency. Today on ABC’s “This Week”, the former Governor stated “I am the most reliable Conservative” in the already crowded GOP field. Thompson plans to run a Midwest strategy, banking upon his familiarity, particularly in Iowa, an early caucas state, where he is well-known.

Thompson also had some interesting views on Iraq, saying he would directly ask the Iraqi government to vote on whether US troops were to remain in the country. As governor of Wisconsin, Mr. Thompson brought in many initiatives to the state concerning helath care and education, and was instrumental in the prescription drug plan policy for Medicare patients, instituted by the Busy Administration in their first term. One of the more memorbable contribution to his stint as Governor of Wisconsin was introducing vouchers to Milwaukee Schools and some initiatives throughout the state. Milwaukee schools in particular did see a dramatic increase in performance and were the topic of the 90/90/90 research (90% Title I, 90% Ethnic minority, 90% high levels of achievment) – called the Milwaukee Miracle in some educational circles.

Thompson’s stands on the relevant issues: The former Governor is a moderate/centrist Conservative.


Pro Stem Cell Research

Opposed to Partial Birth Abortion

Strongly Favors School Choice

Favors Death Penalty

Favors “Three Strikes” and strong Crime legislation

Favors Illegal Aliens earning citizenship

Favors Free Trade

Favors Higher Emission Standards

Favors “Faith Based” Initiatives


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