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April 3, 2007

For the UK a Test of Wills – Argentina Reasserts Rights to Falklands

Well, it seems that the you can’t pick on me because I wear glasses brigade, is now in full motion. The tactical move by Iran to seize British service personnel, and the expected UK reaction of seeking a diplomatic solution has lead to Argentina, another member of the brigade, making a flanking manuver by reasserting their sovereign rights to reclaim the Falkland Islands.

From the UPI – “Argentine leaders have reaffirmed their longstanding claim to the nearby Falkland islands, La Nacion newspaper reported Monday. Vice President Daniel Scioli said the islands “always were and always will be” rightfully an Argentine territory, referring to them as the Malvinas, as they are known in the South American country.”

Now, if history serves me correctly, the result of this first claiming and then invasion, led to the appropriate response of PM Thatcher of “Shell them”. Buyoyed by the cries of “Rule Brittania, Brittania rules the seas”, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines gave the Argentines a lesson that may need repeating. However, it will be interesting to see if the embattled Blair, and the “roll over and use me as you will” English Parliament will respond in such an assertive way as did “The Iron Lady”.

Anyone who has a child knows what this is. This is the rant of a child of “I Want To” (you can fill in the blank). They are testing authority. So far, Iran has gotten away with it, now Argentina is also. Had the UK’s reaction been fitting to the occassion, levelling one Iranian oil field to a heap of smoking rubble, with the very real promise of next time it will be a city if our personnell are not released, I have a feeling the Argentines would not be so fiesty. If you carry the “Big Stick” you can afford to speak softly, however, the UK is reduced to ranting in futulity to the UN, whose sole reason for existence seems to be the protection of the 98 lb. weaklings who terrorize the world, but don’t hit us back because we wear glasses coaltion.

The impotence of the UK has never been more clearly been shown, and the US seems headed down that same path of irrelavancy, which in the end may not be the worst thing, if we wish to develop a “Four Corners” analogy towards foreign policy.


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