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April 4, 2007

Rudy is Really One of the Most of Us

While campaigning in Iowa, former NYC Mayor and GOP Frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani, addressed criticism of his personal life by stating his performance as Mayor of NYC indicated his personal life was sound.

While giving those who have objections to his personal issues the right to discuss them, Giuliani stated his life, gets best measured by my public performance — nobody knows someone’s soul, nobody knows the inner workings of someone’s life. When you have a job, when you have a public job, the best way to judge it is: ‘What’s your public performance?”

However, some religious Conservatives have voiced their opposition to his honor’s candidacy by formulating  “The Conservative Declaration of Independence”.  Part of which states that Giuliani’s, “liberal record as mayor, appointment of liberal judges, and the conduct of his personal life make it impossible for us to support his candidacy under any circumstances.”  While this was more general, the criticism soon became very personal indeed.  The head of the Southern Baptist’s Convention of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (What a mouthful – I don’t like them already as I hate long pontifical titles) stated, “My ethics are not flexible enough to make character a central issue with Bill Clinton, and then turn around and not have it be a central issue with Rudy Giuliani.”  Land continued in his very personal attack, stating that he couldn’t trust a man who had broken his marital vows.   “He lied to them [his former wives]. What makes you think he won’t lie to you?” Land said.

The issue of the former marriages is added by other areas of personal discomfort.  In the midst of all of this, Giuliani is suffering a public display of difficulty with his son, Andrew, who granted an interview for the New York Times where he discussed some of the problems he is having with his father.

The controversy, combined with the former Mayor’s admittedly liberal ( I will resist using the word sane) positions on abortion, gun control, and gay rights have put him against the harder elements of the GOP base, which typically vote in the primaries.  However, Giuliani continues to stress his  issues and resume of fiscal responsibility, executive experience in one of the world’s most diverse cities, and remaining strategically agressive in the WOT.

While Mr. Giuliani’s marriages may be a source of consternation to some about his ability to be truthful, it is then likely that the same person has trouble with over 50% of the adult population.  Marriage is always a tricky proposition, and it may be less than seemly to be critical of an area where so many reasons can lead to its disolution.  To those who have never had areas of disaffection with their children, I wonder if the relationship is real.  This is not to say that having a “Stepford Wife or Husband, with Stepford Children” isn’t possible, however, there are many factors, particularly with divorce that cause family stress.  Blended families are not at all uncommon, and like it or not are the new reality for a great many Americans, and in a way I don’t mind someone who has gone through the same issues of real life that I’ve gone through – a busted marriage and the issues with my own children and those of my wife.   We may not be Ozzie and Harriet, but we are a family – who love and hate each other at times.

If the GOP wants to have a Democratic Congress, Senate, and President, I urge them to put this personal litmus test to all candidates, and have someone who has fully drunk from the jug of “Konservative Kool-Aid”.  Americans want, and candidly this nation needs, some input from both sides of the political fence, and that is Mr. Giuliani’s greatest strength, only some are to blinded by ideology and by demanding a candidate who will provide a rubber stamp to their agenda.  To those, if you are successful, enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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