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April 5, 2007

Cultural War Against Easter? Part I The Valley of Temptation

Stopping by at CVS yesterday, I traveled across the “Valley of Temptation”, the candy section, and was reminded that just when I had to pass through this same valley about six weeks ago with Valentine’s Day, and having my waistline not expanding faster than the Federal deficit I smiled.  I had even made it past all those Christmas candies, without being able to pass for Santa Claus, or perhaps being “more able” to pass would be more apropos.  Another season of temptation, brought about inexplicably by cultural Christianity. 

The question is why is God conspiring against me to keep the “temple of my body” from growing out of control.  I’m certain that He is all for omnipresence, but I don’t think my already oblated waistline needs more of that quality.  Oh yeah, I forgot, Choclate bunnies, peeps, jelly beans and all the other crap have little to do with Easter.  Maybe it has to do more with companies cashing in on the Jesus bandwagon – I remember one vendor at a religious meeting called his “memorabilia” Jesus Junk, and haven’t forgotten it.  Nothing wrong with making a buck on the coattails of The Almighty, and don’t think that Russell and Stover, Nestle, and Hershey foods, don’t theoretically fall on their knees everyday and thank God for Easter.

To be continued….


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