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April 5, 2007

Cultural War Against Easter? Part III Public Displays of Affection

Those who read this blog regularly, know that I am all for a Christian ethic being about in public life. I’m not talking about prayer in public schools, or having public spaces become a Christian Sam’s lot, with The Ten Commandments – which of course would have been borrowed – manger scenes (I really dislike the term “Kresh”) or replications of the three crosses of Calvary in my local park. I like my religious affections, like most public displays of affection, understated. Slobbering over each other, whether it is a young couple, or you and your religion in public has never and never will be in good taste. I’ll make an exception for the type of PDA that was unleashed on VJ Day – Here’s what I mean.

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Now, if the Iraq War ends favorably, I may actually do this same scene, even though to compare it to WW Two is not the best analogy out there, and I think all Americans should do the same, but I don’t think we need such PDA every Holy Day season. For those who would say, but this is about the redemption of my soul, and I must express it. Of course you can do so, have a blast, but is it really needed to be laid out in the public eye for all to see all the time every year? I’m not saying I have a problem with Christmas lights, Easter displays on public places, but I also don’t see it inherently as a part of the spiritual importance of these days. The signficance can of course be expressed by a sense of joy, and that is most often best expressed by the manner in which people engage life. Is there a cultural weakening of the “Christian” message in holidays, probably so, but the nature of the public celebrations has never been particularly Christian, but more secular and commercial, at least in the United States. Part of the leaders of this attack, and there is some merit of the cultural war against “Christian” traditions by “angry atheists”. We’ll deal with these people shortly.


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  1. While my other comments may not always indicate it, I agree with most things you say. I whole-heartedly agree with this one.

    I like my religious affections understated.

    Comment by Randy — April 6, 2007 @ 10:49 am | Reply

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