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April 11, 2007

Dems Turn Down A Visit to the Oval Office

It seems that there is no more any room for wiggle between the Congress and the Administration concerning Iraq policy. Congression Dems today, rejected Bush’s overturn on war funding.

“We can discuss the way forward on a bill that is a clean bill: a bill that funds our troops without artificial timetables for withdrawal, and without handcuffing our generals on the ground,” the president said of the fight over the emergency war spending legislation.

Not so fast, the reply came in pretty quickly. Senate majority leader Reid, and Speaker Pelosi weren’t biting at the apple.

“What the president invited us to do is to come to his office so that we could accept, without any discussion, the bill that he wants,” Pelosi said. “That’s not worthy of the concerns of the American people. And I join with Sen. Reid in rejecting an invitation of that kind.

What would be good would be a clean bill without pork, but alas that won’t happen, so it looks like the red pen will be coming out and the bill will be sent back as promised to Congress. The problem is as time goes on, and as the dialogue seems to be at impasse, it will now be very difficult for either side to back down, which will likely make this Congress oppose any initiative that the President offers, and the reciprocal is just as likely. Stalemate seems to have arrived. The danger is that there may be little incentive to either side to talk, let alone cooperate on any policy concerning Iraq. It’s now a high stakes game of chicken, and lest anyone forget, it’s the troops who are going along for this ride.


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  1. As Rush said today,isn’t it interesting that the Democrat leaders would meet with the head of Syria even though there is no chance he will change his policy, and there is talk they will go to Iran, even though Mahmud ( I’m not even going to try and spell his name) will never change his policy. But they won’t meet with the president because he won’t change his war policy.

    Why are these people more willing to negotiate with dictators than the president of the United States?
    They accuse the president of not being willing to listen to their side, and they are the ones that are not willing to go to the white house and talk to the president.

    Comment by mpinkeyes — April 12, 2007 @ 3:13 am | Reply

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