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April 13, 2007

Russia and Guatamala Join China on Adoption Scams, OOPS, Bans

I’m not an expert on adoption, but when something smells like crap and has maggots all over it, I know that there is a garbage heap around. Guess what friends, adoption policies reek pretty badly right now.

Well, two gret peoples, the Chinese – who are models of humanity and the enligtenment of the spirit of man – just ask any Tibetan, and the Russians – who seem to miss the good ole’ days of Stalin – and if you think I’m kidding you should read their news – have been joined by a third, that country of forwardness, Guatamala, in making adoptions of the children that were until about 24 hours ago about as special to them, as the $4.95 Blue Plate Special at La Greasy Spoon’s Diner is to the editor of Gourmet Magazine. Now, here’s the question class, Guess which three countries were the top three in popularity with those in the United States for adoptions; you got it, China, Russia, and Guatamala.

China has put some rather strict restrictions for adopting children from their country. Before I go much further, I will risk the ire of Adoptees, Parents who wish to adopt and the political machine that is funded by adoption agencies, and state at the very start, I “know” that adoption means many things to many people, but is run by some of the most corrupt agencies, with the most obscene practices to procure children – yeah, I said procure – and then bid them off to the highest bidder. Banking on the despair that many adults feel from either a sense of unfulfillment due to not being able to have a child, or the laudable concern which makes adults jump through the hoops of these corrupt governmental agencies at home and abroad, and the equally corrupt for profit business that adoption has become.

China has numerous children that need to be adopted, particularly female children. In part due to the draconian policies set forth by their 0 growth mandate. One could argue, and probably correctly, that allowing these children to be born is better than the forced abortions which take place daily, many by placing an injection of fermaldehyde in the brain of the newborn as it passes through the birth canal. In light of China’s barbaric treatment of these unwanted pregnancies, and with the equal disregard to civil liberties, particularly in Tibet, they typically portray, it is hard to understand some of the requirements that were put into play concerning adoption. Some of them are understandable, but the age issue of any parent being over 50 is a bit of a stretch, considering the average life expectancy in America is 75 for males and 78 for females. Of course gay couples can’t adopt, but don’t feel bad, the overweight, and even those with facial scars can be eliminated from the pool. Besides, what do you expect from a government that has made the repression of its own people, and many of their new people – former sovereign states, about as fine an art as the sad history of man has known.

Russia’s entry into this foray is puzzling, particularly when one considers the extreme duress that children who are adopted from this lovely corner of the world encounter due to the typical lack of basic care, the high degree of unreported serious medical deficiencies of these children, and the high amount of these children who demonstrate the most severe disassociative disorders of all adopted children, and make no mistake, through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, adopted children go through hell on earth in many instances. Another disturbing trend in Russia is the growing number of black market mothers who are being systematically raped and then having the offspring shipped off to couples in the US with few questions asked, and a large amount of dollars passing hands. The fact remains, that couples in the US will do almost anything for any baby, and many seemingly will do quite a bit more for a “white” baby, regardless of how many questions don’t need to be asked. This is not to blame the prospective parents, unless they are doing something unethical, as their hurt and need are the fuel to corrupt fire that burns so brightly. Russia, must be trying to compete with China, darned, they’re so competitive with each other, in winning the bad boys of history award. Hey, you have to be good at something, so if repression doesn’t work out for the #1 spot, why not repression with policy corruption thrown in. It’s sure to be a winner!

Guatamala, one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, has seen a bumper crop of adopted children, and yes, again the metaphor was purposeful, head to the US in recent years. And when a couple in the US holds that bundle of joy, they should remember that:

About 4,700 Guatemalans, mostly babies 1 year old or younger, were adopted by U.S. families last year — compared to about 3,800 in 2005.

Critics say the process is fraught with anomalies. Among them: some cases of birth mothers being pressured to give up their babies for cash; growing numbers of falsified birth certificates; reports of outright baby thefts; and even deaths from lack of care while children were in private orphanages awaiting adoption.

Opponents also complain that there is little judicial oversight and that lawyers known as ”notaries,” acting as baby brokers, charge up to $30,000 per child.

So, some change was coming, and probably is overdue. It would be good if Guatamala followed international guidelines promoted by International organizations such as The Hague, as President Bush pointed out in his recent visit to this poverty stricken country. However, this is a cash industry, to a nation that is desparately poor, and its clients are equally as desparate. Do you think that the brokers involved don’t know this? Of course not, they are the reincarnation of Mother Theresa. Sorry, not all of us fell off the watermelon truck.

Not to be outdone by the despots, crooks and other bottom feeders of the world, the adoption many of the adoption agencies here in the “Good Ole USA” put their own odor to this pile of wreaking trash. This is typified by the coercion which is typically applied to young mothers or expectant mothers in the US. To my knowledge, abortion and adoption are the only contracts that a minor can enter into without the consent of the parent. Something is diabollically wrong with both of these matters, as they are concerning one of the most primal rights of a human being, the right to reproduce. This is not a polemic against abortion or adoption, but do you think that a 16 year old girl in either of the situations who feels forced into one of these Sophie’s choices needs to have the guidance of an adult that loves her? For one minute, I will not believe that the vast majority of adoption agents – that can typically secure over $35,000 for a white American born child have the “best interests of the mother or child in mind” when they offer “counselling” often without parental notification. Their hands are covered in dirt and they also reek of garbage. The practices used are coercive at the least, and criminal at the worst. Yet, the same thing goes on daily. Abortions for girls under the age of 18 multiply to the tune of nearly 4,000,000 in the same time span that has seen slightly over 3,000 servicemen die in the Middle East. I’m not saying the two are equivalent – as I don’t believe an embryo is a human being – I just love pissing off the left and the right – but I will say that someone is profitting, and it’s not the kids by the abortion industry. The same charge can be levied to the self proclaimed saints of the adoption industry. This is a big business worth well over 1.4 Billion dollars a year. That’s Billion with a B, and not to sound like Professor Harold Hill but B is the first letter in Bull****.

Meanwhile, red tape and having 50 states having their own rules, indeed many states have various rules by county, keeps young children who are American by birth unable to be adopted. Again, I don’t feel adoption is a panacae, and trust me, I know this to be the truth, but one step to simplify the process would be to have consistent rules, and probably the one agency with enough clout to make it stick are the Feds, but those who know me, know that I’m an odd type of Republican in that I don’t knee-jerk and say Government is the problem. In some areas, where the private sector, and foreign governments are about as ethically pure as Ted Haggert playing a visit to a local massage parlor, it may be time for an agency without economic interest to end the madness.

Hopefully someone will read this post, and even offer a comment of rage or even better voice agreement. It’s time for some sanity in this most feckless and the chattel world of human trafficking, err, adoption.



  1. Adoptee here. Not offended or nor ire raised. Good article. The adoption industry and their related laws and regulations are unreasonableness personified. No one wants to hear this. No one blogs about this. Thank you.

    Comment by Just Passing By — April 13, 2007 @ 11:34 am | Reply

  2. Another adoptee here. Great points.

    The only question I have is that if you don’t think an embryo is a human being, then where do you draw the line for abortions? Remember, we all have to draw a line somewhere and defend why on one side it is a Constutional right (ha) to kill “it” and on the other side it is murder.

    Comment by Neil — April 13, 2007 @ 12:08 pm | Reply

  3. I draw the line at when a child breathes on its own – the breath of life. I am not in favor of abortion, but understand there are times when it is an option. One area of fuzziness I always found on the subject was the drinking of the bitter waters in the OT, which really seems to have been some type of an abortion.

    I basically support the Hyde Amendment in my own view of abortion, but also understand that at the present time it is a practice protected under Federal law. I hope that this decision is returned to the states, and althogh I am not comfortable with the high frequency of the practice, it is not a high priority item on my own concerns for a candidate, but I do understand why it could be for others.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — April 13, 2007 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

  4. So you are OK with partial birth abortion? If so, I’m surprised. Are you saying that abortion is wrong once the child is out of the womb and does breathe on her own, or when it is viable enough to do so? I ask that because in theory, a baby born at 8 mos. would be safe but one in the womb at 8.5 mos. would not.

    Please let me know the passages about the bitter waters. I have read the Bible a few times and teach pro-life reasoning (Biblical and secular) and have never hear that one.

    Comment by Neil — April 13, 2007 @ 9:39 pm | Reply

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