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April 14, 2007

Rudy Rally in Iowa

Rudy Giuliani had a rousing speech and rally in Iowa. Click to watch the video where Rudy shows his record in cutting taxes, cutting spending, and cutting down crime.

Rudy restates his reasons for running for President; Fiscal Discipline and Maintaing the Offensive in the WOT.

Fiscal discipline was practiced by lowering taxes and controlling spending in New York City, hardly a bastion of Conservativism, yet he produced.  Reminding people that people make better choices with their money than the government,  Rudy talked about how the capital gains and death tax must be repealed.  Rudy has a record to stand on, much better than any other candidate on this core issue.  He lowered taxes 22 times while Mayor of NYC and also  took a budget deficit  and turned it into a budget surplus.

Warming up to the audience, Rudy linked energy independence towards winning the WOT.  Since President Nixon this has been talked about, but little has been done.  I have a feeling that Rudy understands how linking policy to results can be accomplished, it’s called by consistency of policy regardless of political party.  In the speech Rudy makes us consider the committment fromEisenhower to Nixon in winning the Space Race by cooperation of politics towards policy that betters America.  Rudy asks the important question why is the US behind Brazil in ethanol production?  Why hasn’t America developed solar, nuclear, clean coal, wind and nuclear power, to become energy independence, and then do what we do best, sell this technology to other nations which need it?  Mr. Giuliani brings about this vital part to a large view strategy in winning the WOT, and he reminds us that we can’t wait, by needing to invest and putting the private and public sector involved in this great national enterprise.  This will also create a new industry that we’ve created and market, which will not only weaken nations which support terrorism, but help our nation balance a horrendous trade deficit.  Sounds like reason to this observer.

With regard to those who would cut and run from Iraq, he reminds us of the foolishness from a non-political standpoint of not merely retreating, but announcing the timetable of that retreat.  Voicing his experience, not only with dealing with the attacks of 9/11, Mr. Giuliani restates that this was a war against us, and that we must continue to make it a war upon them.  We must remain in this strategically offensive posture.

For those who would detract Rudy for blatantly overstated postures of correct progressiveness, ask yourself which candidate has articulated a clear, comprehensive and coherent world view to these problems.  Ask long and hard, no one candidate on either side has done so.


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