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April 24, 2007

Clinton Support in NY Dropping in Match against Giuliani

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From News Max:

Senator Clinton’s slip in the polls is indicated by a tightening in her “adopted” state, NY between herself and former NYC Rudy Giuliaini according to a poll released by Siena College.

The poll has Ms. Clinton lead at 48 to 43 percent, which is well down from the 53-39 lead she held after the 06′ elections, and a 51-39 lead she held in March.  However, in July of 06 Mr. Giuliani held a 48-42 edge over Ms. Clinton in a possible showdown for the 08 Presidential bid.  This shows the volatile nature of NY politics, particularly regarding Ms. Clinton and Mr. Giuliani.  A 2000 Senate race was nip and tuck all along, with Ms. Clinton holding a slight lead before Mr. Guiliani bowed out for health reasons.

If Mr. Giuliani can put Sen. Clinton on the defensive in NY it is a very good sign for the appeal of his candidacy in other “Blue” states, and certainly for states in the Rust Belt.   This may be the best indicator that Mr. Giuiliani is the GOP’s best option for a fighting chance to retain the White House.


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