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April 25, 2007

Al Qaeda Group Responsible for Bombing

BAGHDAD – An al-Qaida-linked group claimed Tuesday that it used “new methods” in staging a double suicide bombing with dump trucks that blasted a paratrooper outpost in volatile Diyala province, killing nine Americans from the 82nd Airborne Division and wounding 20.All the casualties were in the 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, which has been conducting operations in largely impoverished villages in the area as part of a security push to tame insurgent activity in Diyala.

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An important factor to remember that “most” of the fighting recently has been with Al-Qaeda, and not wUS troopers being caught between Sunni and Shia.  While the tensions between the sects is high, secterian violence has calmed down, and it is the Terrorists who are fighting hard.  They have good reason to do so.  Congress is doing nothing but support their efforts with the announcement that the war is lost, proving to these terrorists what Bin Laden said, “America is a paper tiger”.  Don’t get me wrong, this was has been bungled from the beginning, and in the end it is much due to errors made by the Administration, however, the consequences for running like rabbits for cover as proposed by the Dems is too frightening to contemplate.  Staying there does suck, but running would be a catastrophe to our own national security interests, and signal that the US is what the terrorist feel we are, capable of inflicting hurt, but not nearly resolute in their commitment.

This was the unit I was in when in the 82nd, but I don’t know any of the victims, but I’ve been out awhile. It was the 3rd/73rd Armor Regiment at the time I was in.While I was upset when I heard about this bombing, when I learned that it was the 82nd I was surprised that it impacted me more.  Upon learning it was the old unit I was in, it was a bit more difficult.  The bond that exists between paratroopers is something that I have contemplated frequently.  When I run into a person wearing an airborne logo, I wear an 82nd pin on my jacket or shirt at work most days, it’s always the same question, “When were you in”.

If paratroopers are the same as they were when I served, this unit will be itching for some payback, notwithstanding Sen. Reid’s announcement that “The war is lost”.

All the way.



  1. Didn’t realize that you were 82nd. My step-son was in until 3 years ago this September.

    In May 3 years ago, he got married and his new bride convinced him it was time to get out. He served his 4 years and now is back at school.

    He saw action in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Comment by Randy — April 25, 2007 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

  2. Yeah, I was a scout in the 3/73rd Armor (ABN) Regiment, and a cadre for Special Forces.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — April 26, 2007 @ 2:12 am | Reply

  3. I love it when people get together and share views. Great blog, continue the good work!

    Comment by Darrell — May 26, 2013 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

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