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May 1, 2007

The Madam Strikes Back

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Well, as if there isn’t enough to give the President headaches, now there is a sex scandal in the air.

An accused Washington madam said Monday she is sorry a former top State Department official has been outed as a client, but that it was necessary to help prove her escort service was operating within the law.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey – charged in federal court with running a prostitution ring through her escort service, Pamela Martin & Associates – said she expects to subpoena former Bush administration official Randall Tobias now that he has told ABC News that he hired Palfrey’s escorts only for legal massage services and “no sex.”

Hmm, sounds to me too much like Ted Haggarty and I didn’t inhale. If you paid $275/hr for a massage, you’re not just immoral – the man is married – but you’re a bad consumer. Just fess up, no one’s perfect and you may be selling, but your wife, along with the rest of us ain’t buying.

However, the real story may be this one: “Where’s the crime”?
Oh, I know the fur will start flying now, but let’s look at the issue of “prostitution” as one of societal ills, and consider if there is anything more here than dirty laundry, which smells and is embarrassing, or if an action which is criminal has occurred.

Okay, I know that prostitution is not legal, but let’s consider the “agency” that is under investigation for tax purposes. This information is provided by the “agency” and found on Crimeblog.US

  • Pamela Martin and Associates is a professional escort/out-call service operating in the D.C. metropolitan area, with service to all surrounding suburbs and limited service to the 410 area code. Established in 1993, PM enjoys a reputation of being, undoubtedly, the best adult agency around, with an approximate, on-going repeat clientele rate of 65-75%.
  • The staff is comprised of those individuals ages 23 and up, with two or more years of college education, who either work and/or go to school in the daytime.
  • Rates are a flat $275 for a 90 minute appointment. No additional charges beyond this amount are expected or required.
  • Open 7 days a week beginning at 5pm daily.
  • Best selection and availability before 9pm each evening.
  • Cash or traveler’s checks only.

It seems you would have to be pretty dense to know this isn’t a call girl operation, but again I ask where’s the crime?  There doesn’t seem to be a bunch of crack heads trying to cop out their next high.

Women and to a lesser degree men have been selling or “renting” their bodies to others since man discovered currency – and trust me that there was a whole lot of bartering going on before that!  Whenever a vice, or something that people want to do, which doesn’t impact on others in a “criminal” manner is illegalized, all that is created is a culture of crime.  This nation found this out by Prohibition and if any were sane they would realize that despite very tough drug wars and a euphemistic war on drugs, this is a war that will never be won, nor should ever be fought on the taxpayers dime.  The same is true with regard to gambling, and would be true if the anti-smoking crowd had their way, and cigarettes were outlawed.  People would still smoke, drink booze, use narcotics, and have illicit sex and pay for the privilige.  These arent inherently crimes, they’re vices.

If you think that legislation with regard to vice crimes is an effective policy, consider that New York State’s Rockefeller Laws are the toughest anti-drug laws in the nation, yet NY has some of the most serious drug issues of any states in the nation.  Nevada has legalized prostitution in certain sections of certain counties, and guess what, overall street crime, veneral disease, AIDS, and the other lovely attachments to “the oldest profession” are not running rampant.  The Prohibition Act was what created the Mafia, and the restrictions imposed by the state guarantee a source of income and power by organized crime.  They are in fact the beneficiaries of any of these wars, and don’t think that the recent netting of $20 million of drugs by the US Coast Guard will have any other long term effect but raise the price.  The profit margins of these criminals created by statute will not be effected.

The questions to ask yourself about any of these vices is:

If you found a bag of heroin would you use it?

If you had an itch that needed to be scratched would you go to a prostitute?

If you need some excietment, are you going to lay it down on the black or red?

If you do any of these things without a legal consequence, who gets hurt other than you.  I’m not talking about emotional hurt, and alcoholics do just as good a job as any junkie waiting for their next dime bag.  If you’re in a relationship with an addictive personality, and you don’t want to suffer further hurt, get out.  If you stay, don’t cry about your choices, they were your own.

The penalties for these vices rarely enters into the equation, and in actuality costs you and me a lot more than it hurts the victims, who are typically created by this mentality.

This nation did pretty well when these substances or activities while frowned upon, weren’t illegal, and the same would likely hold true today.  It’s a question of responsible behavior and creating a crime out of human frailties, which sadly does lead to real crimes that actually hurt another person.

While a social stigmatization is certainly applicable to former Undersecretary Tobias, I don’t see anyone being hurt, other than in embarrassment.   Let’s put personal responsibility back in the forefront, and let people be accountable for their actions, and not create crime.  There’s plenty of real crime to go around.



  1. interesting. i didn’t live in a time where stigma was the only social penalty, I think I have only been alive with these things illegal (i think?), I’ll be thinking on it.

    Comment by mommyzabs — May 1, 2007 @ 3:15 am | Reply

  2. What other social penalty was there? This was during the early 20th century and the 19th century.
    I’m all for morality, but it is a personal choice issue. Most “vice” crimes create serious crimes by bringing forth a subculture that can now profit from it.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — May 1, 2007 @ 3:23 am | Reply

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