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November 6, 2008

Three Reasons I Say, “Thank God this Thing is Over”!

Two days after the general election. A new President. So many things to contemplate, and all I can say is “Thank God it’s over.”

In this post I will now give you my top three reasons why I am gleeful that this election season is over.

1 – I can have a conversation with my wife and not see her and her see me as a political enemy. I mentioned this to her the other day and she looked greatly offended. I also have to question why I felt that way, but suffice it to say I know I did. My wife and I are very different people who have world views which are antithetical to each other. She has often used the analogy that our relationship was similar to the Celt mythos of the Christian king of old marrying the “daughter of the tribe”. I bet you know which side of the political fence she is on from that statement alone. In most cases this causes our ideas to be encountered and our world view has an impact on the other in that a new view is formed. A synthesis of ideas occurs, with levels of respect borne from each others thesis. I know you philosophers out there are seeing the Hegellian Dialect at play.

2 – I don’t have to defend George W. Bush anymore to anyone or to myself. In many ways I still kinda like W, although I really am finding it pretty hard to find myself in agreement with many of the things he has done. I don’t know if that is just good old hard core political loyalty, or perhaps I do see something there. More than likely it is that I hate Monday morning quarterbacks, and since I was in the 45% in ’00 and the 50.6% in ’04 that voted for him, and that at the time based on what I was told, I supported the Iraq War as did most Americans, and in principle I like a lot about NCLB, and that in principle – which caused a lot of ruckus, I saw a lot to like about his immigration reform proposal, I figured it would be churlish to kick him while he was down. However, in all honesty I’m tired of offering apologetics for the POTUS. I’m tired of being made to feel that I am stupid, even though I have an IQ of 140, because I still support the guy. I’m glad he’s gone, and that history will be the evaluator of his time in office. I’ll also likely be dead if he has a Harry Truman repeat of history, and in the rear view mirror of fifty years is seen as a damned fine President. Then again, 96 isn’t impossible. Time to lose weight and do more exercise, and if history doesn’t bear this theory out, I’ll have the benefit of being a greater burden on my grandchildren.

3 – The country can reunite – even if my guy lost. I have a hunch that there will be some changes, and probably I won’t like them all. That is the reason why we have elections. I also don’t think that this will become Stalinist Russia with all the drabbery in between. One of the worst scenarios imaginable would have been a 269 to 269 tie with Congress deciding the POTUS. True, the evil part of my nature which would have revelled in the national hysteria would have been amused. It also would have been historic, and if President Elect Obama had emerged through the process as POTUS so much the better I suppose if you like more history. However, one historical first will be good enough. I am sure there will be a healthy debate about things in the near future. I also believe that while one can run a campaign on ideology, governance requires a bit more cooperation. It has been said that democracy is the government of the half-loaf. I think that some on the polar extremes may have less cause for fear and rejoicing than they may have thought this past Tuesday. Then again, I could be wrong.



  1. First, welcome back. You were sorely missed.

    Second, good post. I think I completely agree with your last two reasons and have felt them for a long time. I grew weary of defending Pres. Bush and won’t bring myself to attack future Pres. Obama like some folks have done to the current pres. At least now, the other half will be silent. Well, no, they will be lying to cover up. But at least it will be a different kind of noise.

    And I said the other day, regardless of his views, Obama will be MY president. I will support him and his office in every way I can. I truly hope I was wrong about a lot of his views.

    Comment by Randy — November 7, 2008 @ 11:45 am | Reply

  2. I couldn’t agree more with reason number two. I have grown tired of defending the president even though I still support him. This bailout bill was the last straw, I lost all desire to defend him after this.
    As for reason number three, I have a problem with the same people who drove a wedge between Americans now saying that it is time to unite just because their candidate won. I accept president-elect Obama as my president, but because we differ on so many issues I reserve the right to be critical of him. I hope that he turns out to be a good president, that would be best for America, but I fear otherwise.

    Comment by Mr Pink Eyes — November 12, 2008 @ 3:23 am | Reply

  3. I agree with you Mr. Pink Eyes regarding #3. I remember well the way that President Bush was villified from day one of his terms by many on the left.

    However, reasonable people need to do otherwise. I am also concerned about the future. I will watch and wait and we’ll all see.

    Comment by avoiceofreason — November 12, 2008 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

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