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April 18, 2009

Ambivalence….if you care…or don’t….

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A great deal of ambivalence in my life right now, and there shouldn’t be.

I am on the very of  a capstone achievement in my education.  My disseration is at long last finished; all 285 pages – which caused my committee quite a bit of discomfort at times.  I have been told I have a lifetime of work ahead of me investigating or furthering this study.  I’m happy, but not as much as I should be with this achievement.

I resigned from my job in December as it just wasn’t working out.  I leave it at the end of June.  I don’t have a job waiting for me, but I do have a few interviews lined up.  I’m concerned about the job situation, but am dissatisfied with my career in many ways.  I don’t see what I do making much of a difference.  I guess it’s hard to be motivated when you know you’re on the way out.

I have a game I play too much as a hobby.  Lately, it’s been more of a job managing events and dealing with personalities.  It’s an OL game and no, I won’t tell you what it is.  It used to be a lot of fun…not so much fun nowadays.

I see what is happening in the world of politics on a national level, and am not overly happy with it, but also, just don’t care anymore.  What’s the point.   No reason to be a spoil sport or to be a nervous Nellie.  But mainly, I really don’t care too much about it anymore.  At least for now.

I guess I can tell I’m bored to go back to blogging.  I doubt I will stoke up enough motivation to care, and figure these posts will be rare and random.  Who can tell.  I know I can’t.

Just right now…things are so blase…that I don’t feel too much of anything.

Other than ambivalence.


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