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April 28, 2009

I Never Knew I was an Extremist

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It’s amazing, but I have the feeling that I am being painted as an extremist.  I never knew that I was such a person, but it seems that the pop culture view has determined that is my estate.  I realized this when I was watching a television show that I used to enjoy, Law and Order, and found the message they were sending out about those who may have somewhat “conservative” ideology troubling. 

I used to enjoy Law and Order.  I liked it a great deal when it focused upon a murder or other serious crime happening in New York City.  The police work was enjoyable and the trial was quick, not like the times I’ve spent on jury duty which has been long and mundane to say the least.  The plot was simple to follow, bad guy kills another – often not so good themselves – get bad guy in jail. 

Then the show began to change and they had to have a message.  The new theme more than often is someone representing a stereotype of  mainstream conservative or religious values is portrayed as some psychopath or pawn in the manipulations of a vast conspiracy such as being uncomfortable with issues in sexual definitions, abortion rights controversies, illegal alien controversies, or any other social issue.  However, one consistent trend occurs, if you are on the side of the conservative you are the killer or a person who wants to destroy the work of the wonderful Manhattan DA’s and New York’s Finest.  Even the hiring of Fred Thompson for a short career as the bumbling DA of the city didn’t stop this trend.  His folksy deprecations and defenses of the perpetrators of the evil right are flimsy at best and tend towards being myopic at many times. 

I guess since I am not fully comfortable with abortion on demand, have some misgivings about unbridled stem cell research, am not positive that marriage between non-traditional partners is needed nor a good thing, am concerened about the societal and policy problems brought about by the continuing deluge of illegal immigrants flooding into this country, I am now an extremist.  Probably doubly so, because I actually at one time was foolish enough to wear the uniform of a soldier.  It is amazing how the perception of those who were moderate to somewhat conservative have been pigeon holed into being some new form or right wing extremist.

What is actually odd is how this labeling has effected me.  While I am a bit angered, I do not feel a need to become mobilized or to be more of an activist, or even to post more.  I don’t care anymore.  when I hear ill tidings which may befall this nation ….I don’t care.  I hope it doesn’t effect me personally, nor those I know, but I feel disassociated from the process, and from my fellow citizens.   Maybe I perceive they are really not on the same team I am on.  Perhaps this is how many of the left of center felt when they felt they were being pigeon holed as extremist. 

I just don’t know when that I became one.



  1. I just stumbled across your blog as I was trying to determine whether or not others were using “Voice Of Reason” in their blogs ( I was using it as a user name). Trying to brand my blog and want to be original. :=> Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I love what you’ve done with the place. I can indentify with so many of the things you’ve written about.

    Please, keep writing!

    Comment by Celeste — February 1, 2010 @ 2:10 am | Reply

  2. Congratulations on surpassing your ABD status. I found your blog while trying to find a way to organize the disaffected neutrals; the non-passionate voices of reason. I think of myself as more of a liberal. Would love to blog more with someone who is more conservative to find ways to move forward politically rather than increase polarization. For instance: I support organized access to healthcare for all who reside within our borders because I am aware that a healthier population is a safer, more productive population. I know that is a more socialistic position but I also think that a more productive population supports a wealthier population by providing an opportunity for increased production and increased employment. That means less people on welfare. I’m sure there are more of us out there. Don’t give up because I don’t want my own blog.

    Comment by Merriel F. Mandell, Ph.D. — May 2, 2010 @ 4:51 pm | Reply

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