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November 8, 2012

The Real Reasons Why The GOP Lost in 2012 Part I

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I posted this in some forms on other sites.  I guess that was a motivator to re-open the door here.

The real reason why the GOP lost this election – and has been trending downwards since 1992 Part I

Failure to realize the demographic changes in the US and engage in meaningful policy discussion with the groups that now represent 25% to 30% of the general electorate. If the GOP (as a whole) continues to lament (and rightly so) the “bad idea” of throwing money to those in dire SES and continues to have “no ideas” that gain traction to these subgroups they will continue to lose about 85% of this group – who do vote – and will never be a consistent majority party in the most densely populated sections of the nation.

I said it back when the Immigration Reform Bill was rejected – short term bad idea – long term suicide. GOP had a chance to enact legislation to an ethnic group and taken the mantle of Lincoln – whom most Republicans and particularly hard right Conservatives would run out of the GOP on a rail – as writers of legislation nearly as significant as the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Act – but we couldn’t “compromise” which is the basis of any Republic.

That short-sighted decision has cost and will continue to cost the GOP the largest growing demographic group in our nation and will continually put us on the defense.

Do I like the illegal immigration situation – of course not

Do I like that social welfare issues are costly – of course not

Could a reasonable compromise been made – it should have been.

When was the last time serious POLICY initiatives have been discussed with leaders from these two groups by Conservatives where we listen as much as we speak?

Are there other reasons why the GOP and Conservatives are again on the outside looking in – as we have been for 16 of the last 25 years (if you consider the Bush years Conservative) yes – but as a movement Conservatives are deluded if they think they can ignore 1/3 of the electorate and ever be more than a regional party.

Where are the problem solvers in the Conservative movement?


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