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March 17, 2007

Gandhi’s Way, Not the American Way, What about ROP Trying it?

Hydralisk posted this about Sen. Fred Thompson’s radio commentary about the Indian Statesman’s policies of non-violence, and whether it should be applied by the US.  I agree that this would not be a good strategy for the US to employ, but I wonder if it were employed by elements of the “Religion of Peace” (codeword for Islam).

Hydralisk’s comments are noteworthy to Sen. Thompson’s views.  He states:

“Gandhi deserves our praise for showing us the optimal way to approach certain situations that in reality arise less often than some people think. Churchill showed us the way to approach the rest of them. Ergo I can respect Gandhi a little and I can respect Churchill a lot.”

This is the correct assesment, but I would like to add a situtation where Gandhi’s approach would work, and that is particularly true within areas of the Middle East, most notably within Israel.  Considerations must be given to the similarities of the two situations between India during colonial rule, and the situation that Palestinians and the Arabic minority find within themselves in today’s Israel.

Consider that in India, the indigenous population. There was no way that 250,000 UK officials/soldiers and bureuacrats could maintain control in governing 750,000,000 Indians if they refused to be governed.

Also, the relative military/industrial/economic power of the UK made a military insurrection distasteful given the opposite factors of India. It would have been a bloodbath of the first order in world history.  Finally, the nature of the UK in a relatively liberal nation from the perspective of human rights, civil liberties and a free press made change possible. Had this been a dictatorship’s colony, the results of civil disobedience would have been one sided violence, and not effected a solution.  Much of the same can be inferred towards  today’s Israel and the Middle East region.

Different circumstances require a different strategy. If the Islamic radicals “want to be effective” they would endorse a non-violent approach in Israel. Can you imagine the response in the US and in much of Israel, if in Isreal Palestinians were being shot at with tear gas, or real weaponry while singing the Arabic equivalent of “We Shall Overcome”.   Can you contemplate the way the mainstream media, with daily video feed would influence public opinion both in the US and Israel?  Significant pressure by the US, and it is highly likely this would occur,  would almost guarantee that the Palestinians would have a favorable agreement within a year.

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