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May 15, 2007

Round Two of the GOP Debate Tonight!

Tonight will be the second round of the GOP debate.  This one will be hosted by FOX, with Brit Hume serving as moderator.  I would expect to see a bit more organized debate than Chris Matthews’ efforts two weeks ago.  I am also looking forward to not being treated to the insipid “online” questions from Politico.com.

With a field of ten there are still too many, but hopefully tonight the herd will be thinned out.  There are simply some candidates who may have a right to run, but are merely diversions.

Notably, the two who aren’t there may draw more attention than the ten who are there.  Fred Thompson and Newt Gringrich will not be in the fray as they have not yet announced.   We’ll be following the debate with interest and hope to find some snap polls – scientific ones – about who did the best.  Heck, that post I had from Survey USA was GOOD for traffic!

May 9, 2007

Bush’s Approval Ratings SKYROCKET – Developing Trend?

I bet I got you on that one!

Recently I posted about Newsweek’s poll and its 28% approval rating for President Bush.  I stated the internals of the poll and showed the reasons why the 28% was not correct, as it oversampled registered Democrats by 50%.  I guess Newsweek counts on people NOT reading the fine print, which is why they are little more than a rag which appeals to the least intelligent part of the nation.

Opinion Research and CNN recently conducted a poll, and whie it may not have the Bush Administration singing for joy, it showed, like Rasmussen, that the President’s approval level is at 38%, or more than 25% higher than Newsweek’s biased poll.  The reason is simple, CNN did not overpoll Democrats, although there was a slightly higher number of Democrats than Republicans 454 to 414, this represents a 10% overpolling of Dems, which is slightly higher than the national average of voter registration.

What does it all mean, is it that the President is Rebounding?  No, it means when you put in garbage, you get out garbage.  The 38% is much more accurate of a view of the President’s ratings.  Newsweek I am actually becoming convinced, simply put out BS skewed data to better serve their Master, NBC news, which is hands down the “most” biased of all the newscasts.  MSNBC using the equivalent of a “Democratic Shock Jock”, Kieth Olberman, to be an anchor makes it very clear to see they are truly operating from a bias that makes FOX’s Conservative bias look mild.

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